Blue Solar – Floating solar capture

Blue Solar, – Floating solar capture that breaks boundaries. Blue Solar has the potential to revolutionize floating solar capture (FPV) with dynamic construction technology, developed to join forces, – working together with the forces of the sea.

Increased energy capture

Blue Solar has the potential to double energy output per square meter of floating solar capture

Solar capture in 3 dimensions

Blue Solar’s dome-shaped design provides solar capture in 3 dimensions, with floating solar capture from direct and reflected solar radiation. Increased energy efficiency with the cooling solution that uses cool water from the depths.

Area efficient

Blue Solar’s dome-shaped design has 2.5 times more solar cell area, compared to the area of the dome in water.

Vertical anchoring provides efficient use of space, simplified and cost-effective installation, operation and service and with the potential for low operating costs.

Submerged into safety

During extreme weather with strong winds and high waves, Blue Solar’s ocean solution allows the dome to be safely submerged during extreme conditions, – a solution that is now rapidly moving through the design process.

Solar panel

Blue Solar is designed to use modifications of existing solar panel technology. Through collaboration with the solar industry, cost-effective solar panel solutions are offered, modified for Blue Solar’s submarine standard for floating solar capture.

Cost-effective with low levelized cost of electricity

Blue Solar provides competitive costs of electricity through smart technology solutions which focus upon low lifetime costs – LCOE, and with a floating solution designed for ocean use. Blue Solar with dynamic construction is produced in lightweight, maintenance-free materials, with a lifetime potential far beyond today’s design standard.

Blue Solar is a pioneering investment opportunity, with sustainable earnings from floating solar capture, and less environmental impact upon landscape and, unlike wind turbines, zero threat to bird life.