BlueMer controls farming down or up in the water column to make use of the best possible production environment available in the water column. – This without the use of energy for pumping water from the depths.

BlueMer has the potential to improve the environment and fish welfare, – through reducing mortality linked to operations and handling of fish during farming.

BlueMer has the ability to dive away from operationally critical environmental influences with extreme weather with waves and wind, or from unfavourable operating conditions caused by – lice, – algae or temperature in the top layer of the water column.

BlueMer’s built-in function for crowding and handling fish is gentle, a significant contribution to reducing stress and damage to fish, as the integrated Buoyancy Control System lifts the cage vertically in the water column. In surface position, fish are sluiced or pumped in a gentle manner, – in connection with control or further processing.

The BlueMer’s vertical anchoring solution with integrated adjustable buoyancy allows for greater utilization of existing sea areas, while at the same time allowing for farming in the entire ocean space.

BlueMer is designed with the goal of zero escape of farmed fish by using a double membrane design. BlueMer has waste collection as an integral part of the solution. A significant contribution to life in the sea and an important contribution to the circular economy.

BlueMer’s design is based on a patent with dynamic construction and a built-in Buoyancy Control System. The dynamic function of the construction uses new future-oriented non-corrosive materials, with low weight and long lifetime prospects, and with a solution that supports requirements for reuse.

BlueMer opens up new standards for efficiency with the integration of new methods for operation, organisation, internal logistics, control and monitoring of fish. Everything to improve fish health, reduce mortality and establish increased sustainable production in the entire ocean space.

BlueMer opens cost-effective farming in open sea close to the market.