Breed the ocean

– Breed the ocean, – our set of values about taking care, – and joining forces with the ocean. Our technology and solutions create opportunities for historic blue-green growth, – where earnings are based on the sustainable extraction of renewable resources from the ocean.

Our guiding star is to deliver sustainable and cost-effective solutions. The aim is efficient autonomous solutions, for energy production and for the breeding of marine species. The solutions have the goal of safeguarding the welfare of the species and having zero emissions. The solutions are designed in a sustainable perspective, – respecting the challenge of the sea, – close to markets, – at a very advantageous investment cost.

Blue Breeder joins forces with the ocean. We deliver dynamic structures in our solutions for sustainable harvesting of the ocean’s resources.

An important point for future growth is to adopt a method that harvests from the sea in a sustainable way, and where production takes place close to the major markets. In order to achieve the sustainability goals, the industry is required adopt cost-effective methodology which is sustainable and versatile, and which can be produced with the capacity to be rolled out to the market at a high speed.

The technology company Blue Breeder sees unique opportunities for our technology in this strongly growing ocean market. We have developed a boundary-breaking technology which incorporates new concepts that work with the ocean’s natural resources to produce a cleaner , more profitable operation in line with the growing worldwide emphasis on green technology. Specifically, we have specialized in developing cost-effective, sustainable methods for both energy capture and food production in the sea.

Blue Breeder’s technology delivers solutions corresponding to one of the ocean’s paradoxes; – such as the fact that the sea and coastal areas for large parts of the year are well suited for the production of energy and marine proteins, – until nature shows its extreme powers.

When the storm sets in, – designs for use in the ocean space must deal with the extreme environmental factors of waves, wind or temperature. In addition, various biological factors periodically arise at the top of the water column that several marine species want to avoid. This is the backdrop and foundation for the development of technology and solutions from Blue Breeder.