Blue Breeder’s solutions are cost-effective, – and employ revolutionary technologies which provide the opportunity to utilize new designs which emphasize sustainable materials, long life, reduced weight and low material usage. This provides favourable investment opportunities, which create the basis for increased earnings and sustainable growth in a market which shows significant demand.

Blue Breeder’s unique dynamic construction technology is the basis of our proposed designs. They are based on the principle of “joining forces, – working together with the forces of the sea “, where wave wind and temperature are all measured and handled efficiently. This provides a significant advantage over existing solutions in steel, concrete and metal, which use brute force to withstand the forces of the sea. Our solutions are designed in materials focus upon long lifetime, low weight, and low material usage, – where the weight is estimated to be less than 5% of the weight of comparable steel solutions. In addition, Blue Breeder can reduce “time to market” – due to short production times based on the use of standard modules and cost-effective assembly technology.

Dynamic Construction

Blue Breeder’s patented technology has a distinctive design shaped like a ball, – a truncated icosahedron, – formed by pipes assembled into pentagons and hexagons. The construction works as a dynamic structure, where struts are freely anchored in sleeves to the structure’s nodes. The struts have internal bladders, which are pressurized and add functions and properties to the construction that optimize stiffness and mobility, with opportunities to change characteristics as required under various stresses and operational conditions. We like to compare the technology to a human body, where the bladders in the pipes will act as a muscle and where the dynamic links correspond to the body joints.

Buoyancy Control system

Blue Breeders, – The Buoyancy Control System regulates and controls the construction’s position in the water column. Buoyancy is regulated by volume changes in the buoyancy elements using gas pressure. When the pressure changes, water is forced out/in by the pipes and compartments, – the buoyancy changes and the construction is controlled up and down in the water mass.

We are using buoyancy adjustment and gravity force to submerge the construction. Where the winch arrangement function is limited to adjust the structure’s vertical position.